Some of my favorites taylorswift's musical moments in New York.

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I thought I would tell everyone my story on meeting Taylor at the UK Secret Sessions. Just noting that this is in no way bragging about meeting her. I’m just sharing my story and telling you to never give up because I promise that it will happen soon.

Ever since I found out about the American secret sessions I kept telling my mom about them and how I’m so happy for everyone being chosen. I said to her “if Taylor ever does one in England it will most likely be in London and if I get invited, would you let me go” and she said “of course, it’ll be a once in a life time chance”. I never thought it would actually happen though. Until Tuesday 7th October at around 9:45pm I received a direct message from Taylor Nation on my twitter (SwiftTeamUK). I was about to sign out my account and go to sleep 10 minutes before and I’m so happy I didn’t. It said about how they love how much support I’ve given Taylor over the years (I’ve had my account since 2009) and that they want to know more from me. I honestly ran straight downstairs crying and my mom looked so worried and I showed her the direct message and immediately gave me the biggest hug because she never thought it would happen to. I couldn’t tell anyone a thing so I had to go to school and act as normal and no one suspected anything.

Wednesday evening TN called me around 6pm (I stated in the email that I’m a student etc) and I had to give the phone to my mom as I’m 17 aka not an adult. They basically wanted information wanting to know who could take me and if I could get to London on that Friday (10th Oct). My mom knew that she couldn’t get the day off work so she called my older sister because she knows her way around London and she was super excited too!!

On the Friday, I got up around 8 am because I was excited and had too much to do. We left for the train to Birmingham around 12pm and arrived in London at 2:30pm. We were so lucky though because we nearly missed the London train by 30 seconds and we couldn’t have got on another train as it was only suited for that one and we would’ve been late. We then went on loads of tubes and walked near the London Eye and Big Ben because it was my first time ever in London so I wanted to have a short tour. We got to the hotel around 5:10pm and they took us to a room where everyone else was and we had to wait so long for everyone to sign in and give them their bags etc. We were all put into groups 1-4 and I was in group 1 and in those groups we were took up to her suite separately. My group went up in the lift first and in her suite was a dining room with loads of food waiting for us (pizza, chips, fruit, vegetables, sushi etc) and after we all ate we went to the living room area next to it and all sat on massive cushions on the floor. We waited for Taylor and she came in like “HEY GUYS!!!” I honestly couldn’t breathe, she didn’t seem real at all like I thought I was dreaming. She sat down and basically said that she had been stalking us for months and how thankful she was of all our support. She started playing the songs and gave a story before each one. It was funny because the music was pretty loud and Tree was like “hey you got to turn it down, you can hear it by the elevator/lift” and Taylor was like “..but they can’t hear it, it’s not loud enough”. Halfway through the songs we got cookies and cupcakes, but she did say that she didn’t make these ones because there wasn’t an oven in the hotel or something, but they were still delicious. After the music we all went back to the dining room area and we got called in our groups for the photos. I was the fourth person to get a photo. I went up to her, gave her a massive hug and said “I’ve had my twitter and have been supporting you since 2009 so you have no idea how much this means to me” and she said “that’s crazy, thank you so much”. I then mentioned on how tall she was and asked her how she can walk in those heels and she said that she’s pretty much used to it. I then said “do you have any photo ideas because I’m all out?” and she said “let me think omg lets hide in the curtain like this” and then asked if I had anyone with me and I said my sister. She told my sister “thank you so much for bringing her, it means a lot”. I had to go, but I said thank you and that I loved her. We then had to go in our groups back to the room to get our gift bags so we couldn’t stay to watch everyone else.

My brother in law picked us up from the tube station and drove me three hours back home so I got home around 2:30 am. I tweeted on my Swift ACC in the car “GUESS WHERE I HAVE BEEN” and on my personal acc “I’ve been keeping a secret from my friends all week and it’s been so hard not to tell them”. I basically got loads of texts asking what was wrong and then I tweeted the pictures.

I just want Taylor to know that I had been waiting for that day for so long. I heard Love Story in 2008 and started supporting her so much in 2009 which was the year I made my twitter (I was 12) and I made this blog in 2011. I will never regret making that account because I have met so many lovely people from it and I had the best opportunity/day of my life. The day after the session around 14 of us who went made a group chat and we’ve spoke every day since. I can’t thank Taylor and Taylor Nation enough for that amazing opportunity. Meeting Taylor was all that I wanted and I never thought it would happen, never. I just don’t want you all to give up because you will meet her I promise you.

I love you so much taylorswift! Thank you for everything 💛

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I’m crying so much

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I found everyone that went to the London secret sessions and made this. The quality isn’t that good, but 10th October 2014 was the best day ever and one that I will never forget! Thank you so much taylorswift

We had the best day with you taylorswift
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Taylor talking about being protective of Selena Gomez

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dats hawt

Ur hot. Keep being hot.


she must have seen a fella over there…

Orrrrrr some teenage girls in the crowd wearing home-made Junior Jewels t-shirts…


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new york is known as the concrete jungle so technically we’re still kinda of in the woods

mind blown


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I went to video my reaction to WTNY, but I accidentally clicked “time-lapse” instead and this happened - love me taylorswift

yo home girl taylorswift
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All Too Well will always be my favourite Taylor song and it makes me cry just thinking about it

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On behalf of all the fans, we are so sorry about this mistake.

It was released by iTunes internationally, and so we thought that you were surprising us by releasing it so early. 

Please don’t have a negative feeling about this song’s release, as we would never intentionally share lyrics of songs which were not officially released.

Thanks and sorry again,

ALL Swifties.

I feel so bad now

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I went to video my reaction to WTNY, but I accidentally clicked “time-lapse” instead and this happened - love me taylorswift

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